17 Best SEO Companies in Calgary Renowned for Delivering Exceptional ROI

SEO Companies in Calgary

Calgary is Canada’s third most diverse metropolitan city. And yet finding the best SEO company in Calgary is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Are there fewer SEO agencies in Calgary? No, but finding and choosing a reputable company is a challenging task. If not done correctly, you’ll lose your money and receive no online visibility.

Therefore, we have done the hard part for you and compiled this list of the 17 best SEO companies in Calgary that deliver on their promises. 

Before listing these agencies, we ensured that each one of them exceeded some stringent metrics such as ROI, past work records, and genuine customer feedback.

Let’s see what these companies can do for you.

1. To-The-Top


To-The-TOP is the best SEO company in Calgary if you want to boost your visibility and sustain it. 

The To-The-Top agency also provides website audits, focused keyword research, search engine optimization, promotion, and attentive website support.


  • The agency has 15+ years of experience and has completed 55+ projects successfully.
  • You get flexible packages that help you choose services as per your needs. Hence, this is one of the most affordable SEO services in Calgary.
  • They have faced and driven results through various algorithm changes, such as Google Panda, Google Penguin, and the recent algorithm Google Helpful Content Update.


  • Currently, the agency doesn’t mention or provide you with a monthly report regarding website SEO.
  • Their list of awards and accolades is not very long, which may be a concerning sign. 

2. GrowME Marketing

GrowME Marketing

GrowME is a marketing firm that offers bespoke digital marketing services to help you convert more leads and expand your business. 

It provides website design, PPC, SEO, SMM, and management services. Whatever your business objectives may be, their team aligns with your goal and supports you in achieving them. 


  • Renowned listing companies like GoodFirms and Three Best Rated have accredited them as one of the best SEO agencies in Calgary. 
  • They are Google Certified and Semrush Agency Partners. Additionally, they’re official members of the Forbes Agency Council 2022.
  • The agency provides you with detailed monthly reports regarding your website’s SEO status and keyword rankings on your projects.


  • Though they offer tailored plans, their SEO package is still expensive ($2500 per month or higher).
  • In addition to the cost, many factors suggest that the agency isn’t suitable for startups and small businesses.

3. Ace SEO Consulting

Ace SEO Consulting

Ace SEO Consulting has been providing Local SEO services in Calgary to assist local businesses since 2003. 

Moreover, they offer result-driven digital marketing solutions to help you grow your business, boost your site’s exposure, and attract more relevant visitors.


  • You get a free SEO audit and consultation before investing real money. 
  • They have over 15+ years of experience and have served clients like Tazscapes Inc, Orbit Eye Centre, Versatile Accounting, and High River Toyota.
  • GoodFirms and The Manifest have accredited them for their SEO services in the city.


  • They haven’t mentioned if they offer you a monthly payment option or bind you in a package.
  • It hasn’t partnered with any marketing institutions like Google or Semrush.

4. Konstruct Digital

Konstruct Digital

Konstruct Digital is among the top SEO agencies in Calgary for B2B companies across all industries. 

It has been serving since 2012. Further, its strategists are experts in developing growth solutions that boost traffic, qualified leads, and brand awareness using sophisticated data-driven search marketing techniques.


  • The agency is a Google Certified, Mailchimp, and Shopify Partner.
  • It gets featured in Forbes, Medium, Vice, The Drum, and Social Media Explorer.
  • You can read through several case studies of their previous clientele on their website to make an informed decision.
  • They provide regular reports to update you regarding the progress of your site. 


  • The agency has few awards and can’t boast notable mentions or acknowledgments from renowned sites or media publications. 

5. Blink Digital Consulting

Blink Digital Consulting

Blink Digital Consulting is next on our list of the top SEO agencies in Calgary. They have been providing top-notch SEO services since 2019.

Their skilled team collaborates with you to develop custom, organic SEO growth plans that produce outstanding outcomes. 


  • The agency has completed 2500+ projects and has generated 7000+ leads for their clients.
  • If you sign up with them for at least a six-month plan, they provide a money-back guarantee. If you don’t see any improvement within that time, they’ll refund your money.
  • They don’t bind you in any long-term contracts or make you pay a large sum upfront. Instead, they offer you the chance to pay in monthly installments. 
  • Moreover, they also provide you with regular reporting so you can remain abreast of your site’s performance. 
  • Before deciding whether you should hire them or not, you can get a free consultation by filling out a basic form on their website.


  • The company was founded in 2019 and is relatively new to digital marketing.
  • They don’t really have a lot of honors or awards from reputable industry associations, sites, or media organizations. 

6. Panem Agency

Panem Agency

Panem Agency is the best SEO company in Calgary when it comes to cutting-edge marketing solutions to fuel the expansion of your company. 

It has been in existence since 2015. Further, it uses data-driven SEO and predictive analytics for gathering and grouping semantic data to get the best results. 


  • You get a free consultation that allows you to ask all your questions and understand how they can help make your goals come true. 
  • The agency creates custom tactics for every client, depending on their needs. 
  • It is a prominent Google Partner, which enables them to work closely with experts at Google.
  • Additionally, they provide monthly reports that contain all the data you need to understand your site’s performance. 


  • Not many listing sites or industry associations have listed them among the best SEO services in Calgary. Moreover, they don’t have many awards or accolades under their belt. 

7. Cayk Marketing Inc.

Cayk Marketing Inc.

CAYK Marketing has a deep understanding of how businesses can use the internet to boost sales and revenue. If increasing revenue is your top priority, this is the best SEO company in Calgary.

Furthermore, they employ cutting-edge technologies to assist their clients in maximizing their online presence. They have the business expertise and artistic talent to get things done and deliver results.


  • They offer a free, no-obligation consultation call to assist you with your doubts and requirements.
  • The company has an experience of 10+ years and has successfully implemented changing digital marketing algorithms.
  • It’s good to see that the agency has enclosed some SEO case study results on the website.
  • They are a Google Certified Partner.


  • The agency has not won any awards or certifications for its digital solutions.
  • They have not enclosed whether they allow customized plans and monthly payment options.

8. Marvel Marketing

Marvel Marketing

Marvel Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm that offers organizations SEO, Google advertising, SMM, and content strategy. 

The primary goal of this agency is to help its clients establish a solid online presence and execute SEO strategies to drive better sales.


  • The agency has bagged Consumer Choice Awards and Technology Innovator Awards.
  • They have generated a 2.5x increase in online traffic and a 35% increase in the conversion rate on average.
  • You get live reporting and real-time analysis to track the progress of your campaigns.
  • You don’t have to be bound by pre-designed, pre-set packages; you can get tailored plans as per your need.


  • It hasn’t partnered with reputable marketing agencies like Google, HubSpot, or Semrush.
  • They bind you to a three-month minimum contract which is tough for small enterprises.

9. Kingz Marketing

Kingz Marketing

Kingz Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency providing reliable SEO services in Calgary. It assists companies who want to establish themselves in the congested internet world. Their eight-step, data-driven strategy helps to boost your website’s ranking on search engines.


  • The agency has won Media Innovator Awards for a rising star in digital marketing.
  • The Best in Calgary and GoodFirms have accredited and featured them as the best SEO service provider.
  • They give you reports on organic traffic, keyword positioning, and click-through rate to show how well their SEO tactics work.
  • You also get a free consultation and customized solutions to discuss your SEO status and strategy.


  • The agency didn’t release any case studies of past work. They could have helped you set the right expectations and make an informed decision about them. 
  • They are neither a Google Partner nor have they partnered with any other digital companies, unlike other SEO companies in Calgary. 

10. Nerder SEO

Nerder SEO

Nerder SEO is the best company to create an SEO campaign tailored to your goals. 

You can start attracting more relevant search traffic to your website by ranking in SERP right away with their best-in-class SEO services. 


  • The agency has a combined experience of more than 45 years and comprises several marketing experts. 
  • You can easily schedule a free consultation at a date and time of your preference. 
  • The renowned listing agency GoodFirms has accredited them as one of the top SEO agencies in Calgary.
  • They have worked with businesses like Dell, Nokia, Volkswagen, American Airlines, and Mercedes Benz.


  • Despite being an old and experienced SEO agency in Calgary, they haven’t won any awards or accolades for their services.
  • You won’t find any portfolio or case studies of their past work on their website. 

11. ThinkTech


ThinkTech is a technology-driven marketing services firm headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. If you’re a firm believer in the power of technology, ThinkTech is the best SEO company in Calgary.

It serves as the marketing execution partner of every client and aids in boosting their return on investment from marketing. 

Furthermore, they provide a wide range of services, including SMM, digital marketing, web development, PPC, Google analytics, and SEO.


  • The agency has served 200+ clients, ranked 1500+ keywords, and completed 500+ projects.
  • You get monthly updates on the progress and results of your ongoing projects.
  • Some of their key clients are Prana Wellness, Rec Media, Calgary Service Plumbers, Prestige, and Watertech.


  • The agency hasn’t listed any case studies of its past clients on its website, which may make it difficult for you to assess its past track record. 
  • They provide neither a free SEO audit nor a free consultation session to prospective clients. 

12. Search Beyond

Search Beyond

Calgary-based SEO company Search Beyond believes in creating a robust and enduring digital presence for each and every one of its clients. 

They’ll help you lay the groundwork for a solid SEO foundation to accomplish your objective. They leverage the best marketing strategies to assist businesses in growing and achieving their goals.


  • Their team puts in dozens of hours of training each month to stay up to date with all the ongoing search engine algorithm updates.
  • You get a free website SEO audit to track the current SEO status of your site. 
  • Best In Calgary has recognized the agency for its impeccable SEO services.
  • You get customized plans per your business requirements, making this agency one of the most affordable SEO services in Calgary.


  • You don’t see any case studies of their past clients on their website.
  • Only one listing agency has named them among the best SEO companies in Calgary. 

13. Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing

Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing

Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing is a small SEO company that offers individualized, one-on-one assistance. 

It ensures that companies are more search engine-relevant and can attract a greater volume of relevant website traffic. One of the best things about this agency is that it’s completely hands-on and ROI-focused. 


  • The agency is accredited A+ by Better Business Bureau and verified by Best Of the Web and TopSEOs.
  • They do not bind you to any monthly contracts. You only pay for the SEO services you need.
  • Some key clients are Abalon Construction, Alta Storage, Centerline Paving, and Electra Health.
  • They have 13+ years of experience in the SEO field and have successfully provided noticeable results to clients.


  • As demonstrated by its past track record, the agency is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Since they haven’t enclosed any case studies on the website, it may be a bit hard to make an informed decision about hiring them. 

14. Collabo


Collabo works closely with businesses to understand and actualize their digital marketing goals. 

They can assist you in reaching your target customers online by leveraging the latest SEO, PPC, and Social Media marketing techniques. 


  • They are Bing Accredited Professionals, Yahoo Partners, and Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals.
  • They offer a free, no-obligation SEO audit and suggest improvements after analyzing your website. 
  • Some featured clients are Koza Skin Clinic, the University of Guelph, the Product Care Association, Janitor.ca, The Credit Counseling Society, and Mandala Homes.
  • The agency has 12+ years of experience in digital marketing. They offer tailored plans for their clients, making themselves one of the most affordable SEO services in Calgary.


  • The agency boasts few industry awards or certifications. 
  • They have not released any case studies of past projects, so it may be a bit hard to assess its strengths. 

15. Webdrop


Established in 2008, Webdrop is a digital marketing company in Calgary specializing in SEO services.

Their mission is to leverage technology to deliver efficient and ideal digital solutions for your company. Furthermore, their talented team of digital marketing experts is constantly prepared to evaluate, support, and enhance your company.


  • They have 13 years of internet marketing expertise and have aided many companies achieve better business outcomes through digital marketing. 
  • The agency has been recognized by Fic The Photo, Digital Main Street, and Best in Calgary. Moreover, the agency is also a Google Certified Partner.
  • You can opt for a free proposal option, which can allow you to see their action plan before deciding whether to hire them or not. 
  • You can read through the case studies published on their website to make an informed decision about hiring them. 


  • The agency hasn’t disclosed if they provide monthly payments or bind you to long-term contracts.
  • They haven’t won any awards or earned any certifications. 

16. The Three Marketers Inc.

The Three Marketers Inc.

The Three Marketers is a Calgary-based digital marketing firm focusing on SEO and PPC advertising. 

Further, it aims to help companies of all sizes and sectors flourish online. It provides ethical, financially efficient, and result-driven web marketing strategies per your company’s objectives.


  • The agency is a Google Premier Partner, Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate, and Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.
  • They offer accurate and open statistics each month that include complete details on the progress of your website’s performance. 
  • It has 18+ years of experience in providing SEO services in Calgary.
  • They have multilingual staff that can develop ad campaigns in French, Spanish, German, and other languages and optimizes your website for foreign markets.


  • They have not provided some case study results of their past clients on their website.
  • The agency hasn’t received any awards or certifications for its SEO work.

17. Global iTech Systems

Global iTech Systems

The last on our list of best SEO companies in Calgary is Global iTech Systems. They provide web design, SEO, and digital marketing services using cutting-edge technology to improve your business’s traffic and performance. 

They take pride in their specialists, who are incredibly creative, passionate, and goal-oriented.


  • The Better Business Bureau has accredited them with A+ ratings. They are also proud members of the Calgary Chamber and BNI (Business Network International). 
  • You can read through the case studies section to know how they have done with their past clients.
  • The listing company GoodFirms has recognized the agency for its excellent SEO services.
  • It is one of the top SEO agencies in Calgary for helping small or mid-sized businesses.


  • The agency only works with specific industries and cities besides Calgary.
  • It doesn’t hold any prior experience working with established companies or enterprises.


So there you have it — our list of the best SEO agencies in Calgary for your business. These leading SEO companies in Calgary offer first-rate SEO services to support the expansion of your company.

You can be sure that any of the businesses you choose from the list above fulfills all requirements for being a reputable and effective SEO firm. However, ensure that you do your own research and choose a company with a track record of producing quality outcomes for businesses like yours.

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